Summer Vacation – Day 20

Today was wonderful.  We woke up to clouds which just seemed to thicken up as the day progressed.  It was a lovely break to the 90 degree days we’ve had for so long.

DH and I decided to head out toward Canby to look a a few tag sales.

Sale One:  They had some great antiques and a ton of really fun things that we don’t have room for.  We did pick up a steam juicer for this year’s grape harvest, a deep fryer (for DH), a couple of bags of old dice, a double burner, and a really cool old fruit grainder/press (for apples – – and maybe cheese).  The prices were great.



Sale Two: At this sale we picked up a 16 foot ladder and a Swiss cuckoo clock.  The clock didn’t work when we got home, the chain that controls the pendulum just fell as soon as I put on the weight.  It was so inexpensive that I fiddled for a couple hours and managed to get the chain back where it belongs (had to take out the mechanism) so now it’s great.  It’s running a little bit slow, but I’m working on that.



Sale Three:  This sale was being run by a group of grandparents.  They were adorable.  We picked up a handmade fireplace grate which is, unfortunately, a bit to big.  We also got a really amazing old knife marked “I. Wilson, Sycamore St. Sheffield, England”.  It’s got the strangest handle I’ve ever seen but is really sharp.



Sale Four:  This sale didn’t have anything too fabulous, but lots of fun little $.05 – $.25 items.  We picked up a hose, lazy susans, wooden spoons, a strainer, potpourri, bath salts, and a few other odds and ends.

Sale Five:  The last sale was close to home, just up the road.  We pulled in right as they were taking down their signs but they welcomed up back to their barn.  We ended up getting 2 cords of firewood and 2 wool rugs.

All in all it was a very productive day.


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