Summer Vacation – Day 11

The heat wave continues – Today it was 98, yesterday 96 – We are supposed to be over 90 degrees for the next week.

This morning started with a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs from our chickens with home grown spinach, scallions and parsley.  We also had a bit of bacon and some lovely cherries from Washington state.



It been hard to get much outside with the heat so we’ve been confining our garden work to the evenings.  Today we finished mulching the pig garden.  We call it the pig garden as it used to be the pig pen.  The plants went in a little late and were little 25 cent discount plants at the market. The weeds were terrible this year so we are trying a new mulching method.  We were going to lay down newspapers and straw but we don’t take the newspaper anymore.  We called the local paper and the directed us to their print shop for end rolls of newsprint paper.  We’ve rolled it out in layers 3-4 deep and topped it with 4-6″ of straw.Garden June 30


Early in the day, DS2 and I made a batch of hibiscus lime soda, DH and I picked up the milk from the farm, we planted a few more plants, did a little laundry and took care of a few other chores.


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