Here we go…….. Again

On April 22 we discovered that, once again, we had a broken CPVC pipe.  This is our third pipe breaking resulting in damage to our home.  This time it was under the powder room on the main floor  – two 1″ hot water pipes and a 1/2″ pipe all had been leaking for months.

IMG_0361The insurance company is fantastic.  They came in and set up dryers, hepa-filters and air scrubbers and began to dry the place out. The process they thought would take 2 days ended up lasting 12 days.  The photo is from inside “the bubble” were it was about 96 degrees.  The moisture in the floor decking had to go from 65% down to below 12%.

IMG_0359 IMG_0360These pictures show the damage to the flooring in the powder room (at left) and the entry (at right).  All of the flooring in the entry, powder room, dining room and kitchen will have to be replaced and the sheet rock repaired.

We thought the worst was over when the plastic bubble came down and the blowers all left (it was crazy loud for days) but then I stepped on the edge of the bathroom floor and notice an odd crunching sound.  Not only did the water damage the floor and the subfloor, but the decking was rotting too.  To make matters worse, while checking our the rotting boards, they found another broken pipe.  TheIMG_0395

IMG_0394The picture on the right is the rotten floor decking and that on the left is the hole in the bathroom floor and the bucket we use to catch the water from the broken pipe.  We have come to the conclusion that the entire house must be repiped and that spending another few hundred dollars to fix another leak that will just get ripped out with the repipe. So we turn off the hot water when we aren’t using it and empty the bucket frequently.

Hopefully we will be able to get a plumbing company in for the repipe soon.  The estimates are 7 days of work and about $9,000.00 with another $3,000.00 in dry wall repair to the walls and ceilings.

The bad news is, this part is not covered by our insurance.

The good news is, the living room does not currently look like this……IMG_0346

                                  ………………….. but it will again soon