Harvest Treats

This morning we harvest the last of the apples; there were about 20 pounds. I think we waited too long and the deer had eaten quite a lot of them.  I peeled and sliced some and put them into the dehydrator for the day. The rest of them needed some attention but our cider press has been on long term loan to a school program so we had no way to make cider.  Last night I found out that Portland Nursery was having one more weekend of apple pressing and the add said you could buy apples there or bring your own.  We brought by 15 pounds of apples and the really nice guy that helped us threw them into the grinder, transferred them into the press and helped us fill 3 gallon jugs of the delicious cider.

One gallon of the cider is going to be fermented:cider 1

  • 1 gallon cider
  • 1 campden tablet
  • 1/2 t pectic enzyme
  • 1/3 cup sugar

This will sit for 24 hours before ale yeast is added for the primary fermentation.

 I also harvested a bit more fresh sage before the first frost.  We’re expecting it on Tuesday which is a little early for Oregon.  Hopefully the herbs can hold out until after Thanksgiving.


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