The End of the Harvest… The Beginning of the Garden…..

The End……

The 2013 bean harvest

This week we are nearing the end of October and the end of our harvest.  There are apples to be picked, beets and carrots to be cleared from the garden and a few more herbs to be dried. The turkeys went in to the processor on Sunday night, they had been chasing the hens around the yard and egg production was way down.  Joe picked them up on Monday – 15 and 19 pounds.  Tonight, I shelled the dried beans – a pitiful harvest thanks to the rabbits – they are finishing their drying in baskets in the dining room.

The Beginning…..

October also brings the time of beginning to our garden.
The shallots went in this week.  Unfortunately, the farmer at the festival did not tell me the varieties, but there are four different types – large smooth (3), smaller smooth (3), smaller rough (4), and smaller really rough (5). It’s not much, but we never planted shallots before so i don’t know how much they’ll produce.

Garlic ready for planting

The garlic also went in.  This year, we put in eight different varieties; Elephant (21), Red Korean (12), Dujanski (10), Purple Glazer (10), Basque Turban (10), Gardner white (6), Gardner purple (5), and Chesnok Red (10).  This weekend, we’ll tuck it all under a layers of compost and dried leaves for the dark days of winter.

Map of the Shallots and Garlic – planted Oct 21 & 23

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