Rendering Lard

The finished product
The finished product

The butcher left us with four pieces of fat this morning.  Two pieces of leaf fat (from around the kidneys, and two of back fat.  I can’t seem to tell them apart so I’ve decided to render them separately as I’ve read that the leaf fat will render cleaner and be amazing for pastry.  The other fat I can use for cooking or soap-making.

raw lard
I cut up the first piece of fat into about 3/4 inch pieces and placed it into a crock pot with about 1/2 cup of water.  The water helps to prevent scorching.

1 hour update:  No worries about scorching, it’s barely warm.  I turned up the slow cooker to high for 35 minutes and finally have some heat.

3 hour update:  transferred it to a cast iron stock pot to get warmer.

freshly lard5 hour update:  finally enough to pour off some liquid – about 1/2 L.

Next Morning  update:  the lard is hardened and lovely white with no porky smell.  See the photo above.

Tips:  This took A Lot longer than I had expected.  A hot, humid August day is not the best time to render lard – I might freeze the last batch and render it on a cold January morning.

For Great Ideas from other hard-working folks see Life on a Homestead’s Barn Hop.


3 thoughts on “Rendering Lard

  1. I have been rendering beef tallow lately here. Since it can get pretty hard this time I strained it off into a cake pan and then I am cutting it in chunks and freezing it in bags. That will be easier to use than chipping it out of glass jars which is what I have done before. I am hoping to use some of it to make soap later this week. That will be a first and I am rather excited about it.

  2. Next time you might want to not add the water. It isn’t needed and if you don’t get every drop out it will cause the lard to mold. Found you from the barn hop…enjoyed looking around.

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