Summer’s almost over for Me :{

Two weeks left before it’s back to school for me so I thought I’d better get busy.  The camera’s on vacation to the beach without me, but I wanted to write something so I could remember when I started a couple of liquors. I added these to the Mint Tincture I started a week or so ago.  I was cleaning the garage to get ready for our sale when I “went freezer shopping” for groceries.  I found some bags of mixed berries I made last summer to add to the blackberries from this summer.

jelliesI started a batch of Blackberry Jelly, adding a tiny bit of water to the wild blackberries that I picked yesterday and putting them on the stove until the berries broke down. Then I strained it through the jelly bag and ended up without about 4 cups of juice.



I put half of the strained pulp/seeds intosome spiced rum to make a Blackberry Spiced Rum.  The other half went into some white rum to make Blackberry Rum for my in-laws.

I also found a few bags of mixed berries while cleaning out the freezer to get ready for the pork – 2 more weeks – so I also started a batch of Mixed Berry Jelly (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries) using the same method I used for the blackberries.  I got another 4 cups of juice.

The pulp once again went into jars with white rum to make Mixed Berry Rum.  I meant to use vodka but grabbed the wrong bottle by mistake.

I think this will be it for jam making this year.  I put up about 18 half-pints of Spiced Fig Preserves with Orange last week and made 1 jar of Salal Jelly with Blueberries on Monday.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to make at least one batch of Goat’s Milk Soap.  Maybe I’ll try to get a few photos with my phone.


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