Herbal Remedies – Sage & Thyme

I made a batch of this cough syrup last September and it seems to work really well for us.

From what I’ve read, the Thyme acts as an expectorant to clear congestion and help to calm coughing spasms. The Sage not only helps soothe coughs, it also treats sore throats and inflammations in the throat and mouth. Additionally, the honey is a cough suppressant and sore throat soother in its own right.

Note: Avoid sage when you are pregnant. It is also is not meant for long-term use.

Sage & Thyme Cough Syrup with Honey and Brandy

Pour honey into a clean jar until about 1/4 filled. Add another 1/4 and stir to loosen the thickness of the honey.

cough syrup middle

Add fresh sage and thyme leaves to fill the jar to the shoulder. The top of with additional brandy to cover the herbs.

cough syrup herbs

Seal and place in a cool dark area for a few months.

When ready, strain. We just use a tablespoon every few hours as needed.

cough syrup finished

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Our Newest Addition Kenton

Meet Kenton, the newest arrival to the Beavercreek Backyard Farm.  Kenton came to live with us in May and is growing like a weed.  He is a Labrador, Husky, German Shepherd, Mastiff mix.

575629_4216339545080_48984372_n Here he is in May


Here he is in June

He’s a great puppy, but so different than Bentley and Mishka.  They were always independent, they liked to be around people, but were fine by themselves.  They were difficult to train, but watched after us and the property as their mission in life.  Kenton is all Lab; he is constantly at your heel, licking your hands, your face, your feet.  He is not only brilliant, but he is a pleaser and so food motivated that training him has been a snap.  I’m not sure I’d trust him to protect anything, unless he’s whipping someone with that tail.  Such different dogs, but all so wonderful.  Here’s to a good, long life for Mr. Kenton.