I’ve lost my Best Friend Mishka

I know it was time.  Mishka was old by any “big dog” standard. His eyes were still full of love behind the clouds of old age. On good days, he would still bounce like a bunny, but on too many of the bad days it took him twelve or fourteen turns to finally summon the courage to lay down in his favorite spot.  We found Mishka almost thirteen years ago, brought him home to his brother Bentley (they’d been separated almost six months) and the two of them gave us years of loyalty, love and companionship.  Last July, when we lost Bentley, my heart broke and now I’ve lost my beautiful Mishka and I’m broken all over again.  This year has been so difficult and I’ve leaned on my big, fluffy, white friend so many times, crying into his furry ruff and feeling strength when he learned on me.  I’m going to miss him so much.  I just hope he is up there, watching over us, his flock, in death as he did so well in life.  Rest in peace my love…..