Spring Vacation – Day 1 – Checking the Cheese

It was an exciting day at the backyard farm today….
First, I checked on a couple of cheese wheels I had made this winter. One had blown up like a balloon. When I cut into it, it literally farted gas at me. My Parmesan cheese was full of wholes and looked just like Swiss. It smelled good, but when I checked in with Jim at New England Cheesemaking, he thought I should toss it. Definitely something icky making that gas blob.

We had much better success with our smoked salmon. I’ll add some pictures tomorrow, it was too late this evening.

The most fun was the trip to Ace Hardware. We went to pick up some black spray paint for my new chairs and left with a bunch of veg starts. The four packs were only $.99 each. I got broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, Savoy cabbage and artichokes.

All in all a good start. Tomorrow, the pig pen…….



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