March Planting – 4/10

This weekend, according to the moon phase, is a not particularly good time for planting anything.  It was, however, a dry March weekend in Oregon, so planting happened.

Saturday was beautiful so I added compost and fertilizer to the kitchen garden beds  and planted 2 rows of Nantes Carrots.  I also cleaned up around the garlic that I planted in November.  In the greenhouse, the lettuces are germinating well.  I started 6 cells each of Sugar Pumpkin, Butternut Squash, and a Green Squash that starts with a K?. I also started 18 cells of tiny pumpkins.

This morning DH set out some cinder blocks that were lying around for a potato bed and filled it with compost.  We planted 3 Cherry Red Potatoes and 3 LaRatte Fingerling Potatoes.  I also put 4 short rows of Detroit Red Beets into the raised beds in the backyard.  Eight varieties of beans also went in this weekend up in the fenced garden: Jacob’s Cattle, Pebble, European Soldier, Appaloosa, Tongues of Fire, Cranberry, Snowcap and Steuban Yellow Eye.  It might be a little early, but I thought I’d give it a go.

I also went to an interesting class this afternoon about growing mushrooms at home.  Not much how-to, but some great ideas and contact information for the Oregon Mycological Society.  I think it would be fun to go on some of their outings.  The gentleman told us its a good place to start learning to identify edible mushrooms.  He also said that in France you can take mushrooms to any pharmacist to have them identified – it’s part of their training.  How cool!


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