President’s Day Weekend

I’m bound and determined to make some progress on things this weekend!

Friday night – I started a batch of 5-minute a Day Bread Dough and worked on finishing my first scarf.  I have a knitting class on Saturday afternoon and want to have it done for class.  If you’ve never taken up knitting because it looks too hard, take a class from someone like J.J. at Wynona’s Studio.  She makes it so easy.  Last week we learned to knit with four needles (a tiny hat) and started this scarf.  Pictures coming when I finish!

Saturday – This morning I woke up and went out to the fruit garden.  I cut back the raspberries and pruned the two espaliered apple trees – I can’t reach the top so I’m waiting for DH to come home and help me.  Then I went down to the greenhouse, straightened it up and set some starter mix into trays to start some seeds on Sunday.  After I finished in the greenhouse, I came in and started a pot of elk stew for supper.

DH just put in a call to Portland Nursery about potatoes, asparagus and the apple tree.  We’ll make a trip out tomorrow to pick up the first of our gardening supplies for the year.

Sunday – Today is pruning day in the fruit orchard.  I watched a few videos yesterday and still, not really knowing what I’m doing, decided we need to go for it.  I started with two really lop-sided pear trees.  They’re better, but will never be right……just to much on one side not enough on the other.  Then I did the bottom part of another pear and started an apple.  My hands started to hurt so I came in to warm up and talk with my husband about it.  I had the sudden realization that the first two trees I pruned should just get dug out anyway.  They are dry pears growing from the rootstock (or weird conversion, or someone sold us the Brooklyn Bridge) of a couple of Asian pears that we planted over ten years ago.  They are lop-sided (as I said previously), ugly, stunted and have never provided even a hint of an Asian pear.  WHY DID I SPEND THE TIME PRUNING THEM!?  I’ve been limping them along for years when I could have dug them up and planted something else.  So this year, out they’re coming.  Maybe a couple more pie cherries.  While I’m at it, the sickly Italian prune is done too.  I feel liberated.


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