Happy Thanksgiving

It’s almost 10:00 in the morning and I’ve finally got a chance to sit down for  a few minutes.

…..and so the saga of the Giant Turkey (42 pounds) began……

6:30 am:  rolled out dough for pumpkin pie, blind baked, messed up, started again

7:30 am: pumpkin pie redone, apple pie rolled out, filled and in the oven.  Yams peeled and into the slow cooker

8:00 am: turkey (pterodactyl) out of the brine, rinsed, stuffed with herbs, butter under skin

8:15 am: pumpkin pie out of oven

8:30 am: apple pie out of oven

8:45 am: stuffing started – mushrooms and herbs sautéed, sausage browned. Turkey into oven with customized drip guards

9:00 am: living room straightened up

9:30 am:  a little rest



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