Deja Vu?

This weekend felt like I’d done it before……painting, Hawthorn jelly, cooking, mowing.  It wasn’t very exciting, but I looking back, I did seem to get quite a bit done.

  • I made a 2 gallon batch of plum wine with some windfall Italian prunes.
  • I made a 1 gallon batch of “backyard grape” wine with 13 pounds of assorted grapes from the garden
  • I dried 2 trays of Italian prunes from the orchard
  • I dried 3 trays of small tomatoes from the garden
  • I dried 1 tray of grapes from the garden
  • I dried 1 tray of Hawthorn berries from the meadow tree
  • I made 3 jars of Hawthorn/ Blackberry jelly
  • We brought in the cushions from the lawn furniture for winter
  • I mowed the back yard
  • I found 3 lovely hand thrown bowls, a little jug and 3 “working glasses” at the Thrift shop
  • I gleaned 10 pounds of russet potatoes, a few oranges and a bag of Meyer lemons from the grocer – in addition to two bags of chicken scraps
  • We cooked up a batch of sausage patties and a container of sausage gravy for week day breakfasts
  • We also made two batches of ground beef for dinners
  • We sliced and vacuum sealed four bags of beef for the freezer.
  • I cut the giant cat’s toenails
  • I collected the second egg from Thanksgiving, the turkey hen

Could be time for a nap now……


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