Summer Vacation Day 53/70

Boy it’s been a long time since I updated this.  Bentley’s passing was really hard on the whole family and we’ve just been doing the “must do’s” without thinking much about the “want to’s”.  My oldest is off to the university within the week and the end of summer is on our minds.

Outside, the gophers have gotten to the potato crop, but the zucchini are great this year and we’ve picked our first tomato.  The fruits are ripening well, we’ve got blueberries, wineberries and figs now with apples, plums, grapes and blackberries coming on.  We even got our first peach – very exciting since this is my fourth peach tree and I’ve been waiting for peach for 14 years (the deer ate the other trees).

Yesterday, I put up 4 pints of Fig/Orange Preserves and started some wineberry jelly.  I was only able to get 1 cup of wineberry juice, so there won’t be much jelly, but I didn’t want to mix it with other fruit. I also put some yellow onions in for scallions (they were on clearance for $1 at the farm store) and some bush beans.

Joe finished the base for the greenhouse this morning and we may be able to put the house on this afternoon.  I’m so excited to move some of the tomatoes and basil in when the weather turns cool and see if I can keep them going for a while.

This morning I started a batch of Zucchini Bread.


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