Sick Ole’ Dog and Lots of Waiting – Summer Vacation Day 14/70

We started the day taking Bentley to the vet to have a tooth removed.  He had an access a couple of weeks ago and the vet put him on antibiotics to see if it would alleviate the infection.  The infection went down but he got a pretty nasty stomach ache with both ends involved in the trouble (if you know what I mean).  We tried pumpkin (he didn’t like it) and chicken with rice (came back up) and this morning took him to another vet to have the dental work done.  He had lost 6 pounds in a week and was too sick to have the procedure done as overnight he had taken a turn for the worse.  After a day of medicine, phone calls and IV fluids, Bentley is home and napping.  He just finished a couple of spoons of ID food.  Let’s hope it stays both down and in (for a while).

Mr. Bentley (Bentley’s Blizzard)
Our 10 yr old Maremma Sheepdog

This part is just for my record so I don’t accidentally throw anything away:

6:25pm – 1/4 can ID

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