A Little Pruning (Inside and Out) – Summer Vacation Day 13/70

Still cloudy and cold, I think the east coast is stealing all of the sunshine – although I think they would love to send a bit out west if they could.  I decided to do a little purging of the coat closet and garage in the morning, sending my fabulous husband and youngest off with a few boxes of things for Goodwill, a bag of produce clamshells for the recycler, and a couple of bags of refundable cans.  We emptied the compost and I cleaned out the refrigerator.

By afternoon the sun actually broke out and I went out to prune out the extra stalks on the tomatoes.  I also found so wooden stakes and tied them up.  They are grafted tomatoes and I’m anxious to see how they perform compared to my cheap tomato starts from BiMart.

pear tree before pruning

I also took a pruning shear to one of the pear trees.  I know it’s the wrong time of year, but I found a few videos last summer that showed how to summer prune apple and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it on the pears.  Also, these pears started out life in the orchard as Asian Pears that at some point seemed to have reverted back to root stock so they aren’t the greatest tasting pears in the world.  I cut back the branched to the first pear and removed some pears so that none were closer than about 6 inches to another.  I took out a few of the more wonky branches and some of what my grandpa used to call ‘water suckers’ – long, fast-growing, upright branches.

pear tree after pruning

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