What a wonderful week

Saturday: Today, we went to the Music in May Festival at Pacific University. Our oldest was playing principal French Horn in the band. All of the groups; the band, the symphony, and the choir were fantastic and there kids have only been together as a group for 48 hours.

Sunday: I spent most of the day canning, cooking and prepping the produce that I was able to glean over the last several days.

I made 6 pints of canned corn,

5 pints of spaghetti sauce,

started a batch of strawberry jam, another batch of strawberry/rhubarb jam,

started fermenting strawberries for syrup, froze some guacamole,

and “dry-canned” several quarts of lettuce and greens.

I’m trying an experiment with the greens that I have.  I used butter lettuce, arugula, caesar mix, spring greens and italian blend.  The all have pull dates ranging from 5/24 – 5/26 and were vacuum sealed on 5/26.  The greens went straight from the bag to the jar and were sealed using the food saver jar attachment. I want to see what types of greens last the longest and how long I can hold them before use.  Some of the greens came in clam shells and some in bags.  I suspect the bags of greens will last longer  – I think they might pump nitrogen gas into the bags before sealing the to help to prevent browning.

* Update 5/28 – Caleb thought the butter lettuce “seems a little limp” until I told him that butter lettuce is usually pretty limp.  He liked the Cesar mix much better.

roses – 6 dozen, assorted bouquet – 1 large, curly willow – 2 bunches, slaw mix – 2 bags (for the chickens)

corn – 12 ears (6 pints canned and for chickens), salad mix – 5 bags, brussel sprouts – 3 containers, mixed veg – 3 bags, rhubarb 4 cups, eggplant – 1, tomatoes – 12 (canned sauce), marjoram – 3 containers (dried), sage – 3 containers (dried), rosemary – 3 containers (dried)

salad mixes – 13 containers, baby spinach – 3 containers, baby arugula – 5 containers, strawberries – (jam and syrup), rhubarb – 2.5 pounds (jam and crisp), corn – 7 ears, broccoli – 2 heads, zucchini – 4, parsnips -2, green pepper – 1, guacamole – 3 containers (freezer), mixed veg – 3 bags

Monday:  Things are starting our well today, I received an email from a fantastic blogger letting me know that I’d won a music CD and a book – more later when she posts the winner’s (mine) name.

It’s also a holiday so everyone is home today.  I have an outing planned for the Goodwill (to look for more pint jars), the gleaning spot, and perhaps Safeway for Joe’s free eggs with their new coupon program.


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