Making Sausages and Ham

We finally hired someone to fix the walls!  He’s coming to start tomorrow.  He’s going to fix the walls, then in the summer, he’ll be back to paint the house and put a cover over the hot tub deck.  We think that’s going to be the next leaking disaster so we’re trying to head it off.

I’ve been busy today making jam and drying apples from some produce that we gleaned.  I turned the containers of blackberries, raspberries and strawberries into two pints of jam.

The apples (over 100) had some great apples to eat fresh, and a lot more to peel and slice for drying.

We also got zucchini, yellow squash, onions, lettuce, oranges, tomatoes and eggplant.  Tomorrow the tomatoes will become sauce and I need to figure out what to do with the eggplant. Hmmmmm???

Last Sunday we did another round of “Adventures in Meat Preservation”.  The Pancetta is looking pretty good…..

Pancetta 4/29:  Day 7

I picked up a few pounds of ground pork on clearance, so we got some casings and made fresh sausage.  Not too bad for a first try.

Italian and Moroccan Sausages

I also found a fresh picnic ham on clearance so I decided to try to dry-cure it.  I coated it in salt, pink salt, and brown sugar and will wait about three weeks before adding it to the cheese cave to cure.

Ham – Day 1

2 thoughts on “Making Sausages and Ham

  1. Caponata!

    1 Eggplant, sliced, salted, drained, rinsed, then cubed small, tossed with olive oil and grilled
    2 heads garlic, roasted, cloves squeezed out and roughly chopped
    1 onion, chopped tossed with olive oil and grilled
    1 red pepper, chopped, tossed with olive oil and grilled
    Pinenuts, toasted, to taste

    Mix all together, salt to taste (I usually add some coarse salt with the oil before grilling, and that’s plenty.)
    Add balsamic vinegar if you like

    Serve on pita chips or crostini. Yum!

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