April 23-28 Cured Meats and Homemade Soap

It was a busy week here at the backyard farm with lots of projects winding up and new ones starting.

The soap had cured enough to finally trim and use.  I shaved off the white, powdery ash that had formed on one side (apparently from cooling too quickly) and they are ready to go.

On Tuesday night we finally had some time to smoke the bacon. Joe had soaked it on Sunday and it had been drying, uncovered, in the refrigerator waiting to smoke. He smoked it with Hickory for a couple of hours to an internal temperature of 150 degrees and then pulled it off to cool.

On Thursday evening, I borrow a meat slicer from my BFF, Stacy, and we spent an hour or so slicing it and packaging it into vacuum sealed bags for the freezer. It is rally delicious. Noach thinks it could be a little sweeter and a bit less salty. It was a fantasy first try.

Oops – I almost forgot.  On Wednesday when I went to the farm store to get a new hose nozzle, they had more chicks for half price so I picked up two bronze turkey chicks.  They are a little older so they were discounted – perfect of me.  I tried putting them in to the tub with the barred rock hens we picked up two weeks ago, but there was pecking and nobody wants that so I separated the turkey hens into a rabbit cage for now.

The Pancetta has also been curing in the wine fridge since Saturday afternoon and is doing quite well.
We rinsed it from the brine, rolled it tightly and tied it off. Then I added more crushed pepper to the outside and put it into “The cave” to dry.

Pancetta on Day 2

It’s now day four and there is no mold forming yet and it smells delicious.

Pancetta on Day 4

I almost forgot the two new turkey chicks I picked up at Wilco on the 25th. They are Bronze turkeys.


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