Spring Cleaning – Part 1

Today I decided that it was the day to straighten up the freezers.  I started by taking everything out of Freezer #1 and laying it out on the pool table in the garage.  All was going well until I hit the bottom and the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.  Our drain had clogged and all of the defrost liquid was draining into the bottom of the freezer and freezing.  I got out the hammer and chipped away at the “berg” while Joe helped me quickly stuff everything from the table into Freezer #2 and a couple of ice chests.

Freezer #1

Freezer #1 defrosted pretty quickly once the sun came out and Joe sucked the dog fur mouse nest out from under it with the shop vac.  Then came the bad news……While Freezer #1 was defrosting, so apparently, was Freezer #2 which had not closed completely.  Ahhhhhhhhh.  Out everything came, into the now fairly cold Freezer #1, the refrigerator, and the ice chests.  After another stint in the sun, both freezers are plugged in and chugging away.  After everything is tucked neatly away, I will try to include photos of our accomplishments.

Freezer 2

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