SUCCESS with Sourdough

I gave up for a while on the Sourdough in the Bread Machine idea and tried instead to use the “Bread in 5-minutes a Day” method.  I started out with the basic recipe substituting starter for 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 water (see recipe here).

I started the bread on Friday and this afternoon had time to bake a loaf in my new Sassafras Oblong Baker.  I found it on Craigslist for $10.00. They said it was in “like new” condition, but from the color, we could tell it had never seen an oven – it was brand new with instructions.

So today I broke off a chunk of the dough and shaped it.  I let it rise for about 60 minutes an the slide it into the preheated 450 degree baker – parchment paper and all.  After 30 minutes I took off the lid and finished it for another 15 minutes

It was just lovely, all crispy and golden, just like from a real bakery.  We waited a hour or so to cut into it. It had just a hint of sourdough and crumb that I like (I like it a little tight).

The best part is that there’s still enough dough waiting in the refrigerator for a couple more loaves.


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