Spring Vacation 2012

I can’t believe March is almost over and I have been neglecting my blog so badly.  It seemed like I wasn’t doing anything new that anyone might be interested in hearing about.  The weather has also been a little rough – so much rain – and even a couple of snow events.  We rarely get any snow in Beavercreek in the winter let alone four inches on the second day of spring.

But spring vacation has started so maybe I’ll try some new things.  This morning I’ve spent time tending to the much neglected kefir, kombucha and sourdough cultures, hard boiling a dozen eggs and now I’m starting a batch of Greek yoghurt.  I’ll put a pot of brown rice on to soak and then straighten up the house a bit.  We’ve started a fire in the fireplace. Not news for most people, but we haven’t been able to for a couple of months.  We had the fireplace cleaned because it was smoking and it just got worse.  We thought it was a problem with our wood, but even a firelog smoked up the house.  Joe finally had time to call the chimney sweep back and they came out again to look at it.  This time they went up on the roof and found the problem.  The vents on our caps are pretty small and were clogged.  He cleaned them out and offered us a free cleaning next year for our trouble (with a recommendation that we, perhaps, replace the cap with one with larger vents) and now all is well.

We also, I neglected to share, picked up 5 Plymouth Barred Rock chicks a couple of weeks ago.  They are doing well and growing quickly.


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