March 2012 – Goals

I made a great meal of:  I just want to do something different.  We seem to have the same few things over and over.  I need to shake things up a little in the kitchen.

I baked: I want to make a new recipe from the Grand Central Baking Book.

I preserved: I’d like to try to make bacon.

I stockpiled: I still start looking for items to send off with my son to college next fall.

I handmade/started to hand make:  I think it might be fun to try to make some laundry detergent.

I repurposed: I’ll have to find something good at the thrift store.

I saved money by: Looking for scholarships and refinancing the mortgage.  We really need to get after the money issue.  The Federal financial aid department thinks we should contribute $27,000 per year for college – we don’t have that.

I sowed seeds/planted seedlings/cuttings of: I think this will be a good month for starting some scallions.

I harvested: AgainI still have turnips in the garden

I tried something new: I still want to try to rethread my loom and make a bookmark, spring break might be a good time for this.

I read and was inspired by: I’ve started a pile of dystopian novels.  I have four in the stack.

I finally tackled: I want to tackle our budget.  I want to get it organized, easy to enter figures into and something we will use to cart saving.

I really enjoyed: I want to really enjoy spring break without spending much.

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