Our new Floor – We Love it

I finally finished the flooring in the master bathroom this afternoon.  It all started at least two years ago when we noticed a crack in the vinyl flooring just outside the shower.  Upon closer inspection we discovered that water had been leaking out of the shower and had damaged the subfloor in about one square foot.  I had to pull up the vinyl to dig out the water damage and let everything dry.  We didn’t want to put down vinyl again and the installation was going to be really expensive to rip out the old vinyl or cover everything with a new subfloor.  We settled on cork about a year ago after putting a cork laminate floor in the laundry room, but the room is oddly shaped and we weren’t sure we could tackle the installation and the laminate might not be safe in a bathroom so we just kept living with a hole in the floor and a rug trying to hide it.

A couple of weeks ago I found a blog of a family that had redecorated a room using a vinyl product called Allure from the local Home Depot. 

It floats over the floor so you don’t have to prep the old flooring.  It can also be cut with snips, so you don’t have to remove the toilet – we did remove and then reinstall the base molding.

It was also a great price, only about $32.00 a box and we used just over three boxes.

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