Food Storage on a budget – 2012

I keep thinking that I should get back to working on my food storage, but the couponing has not been terrific for me lately. Even over the holidays, that last year were fantastic for baking supplies, the deals were pretty ho-hum.  I thought I’d try again as this weeks’ prices on sugar from Albertson’s are really good.

There is a store coupon that brings the sugar from $4.29 /4 lb to $1.99.  I combined it with a printable coupon from smart source ($1.00/2) to get each 4lb bag for $1.49.  I think I’ll try to get 40 – 50 pounds.  I know this is above my $5.00 per week limit, but in these times of good-couponing-famine I think I need to strike while the iron’s hot.

The total should come to $14.99 for 40 pounds of sugar.

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