A busy weekend – Feb 5

What a busy weekend for the kitchen…….

On Saturday, I finally got everything together to make soap. Joe helped me so it made things a little less hectic.  We added the 172g of sodium hydroxide to the 450ml of goats milk and stirred.   I think next time we will add it much more slowly so that it doesn’t turn so orange in the finished product.  Once it cooled to 120 degrees, we added it to the 250ml of coconut oil combined with 1000ml of olive oil heated to 120 degrees.  We pulsed it with an immersion blender until it reached trace and poured it into molds.  On Sunday morning I took it out of the molds and cut the loaf.  Now its drying for about 6 weeks.

Saturday afternoon is the day I try to clean up all of the fermentation jars so I divided the cultures of both the kefir and the kombucha and they are fermenting away happily.

I also found a great sale on milk on Saturday – only $1.50 a gallon for organic milk.  Joe and I decided to try to make mozzarella.  The temperature of the curds got a little high and the finished product was a little stiff, but it was fun and a good first try. It made a nice little Caprese salad with a nice chicken risotto and fresh asparagus.  I also cooked the remaining whey and make a nice batch of ricotta.

The sourdough culture is doing really well.  It’s bubbling like crazy and growing well after feedings.  I decided to try a batch of sour dough bread and I’m not sure I liked how mine turned out.  I mixed it up late Saturday night and left it in the refrigerator overnight.  After taking it out on Sunday, the dough was REALLY sticky and no amount of folding it was going to tighten it up.  The bread had a great flavor and the texture seemed good, but the loaf was pretty flat as the dough just wouldn’t  hold its shape.

The milk sale also had  a great clearance on ground chicken so on Sunday I made 2 pounds of chicken sausage, 2 pounds of chicken-mushroom meatloaf and a batch of chicken-couscous patties while messing around with the sough dough.

We watching the SuperBowl on Sunday and had some great brats (also on sale) cooked in Joe’s first batch of beer from the summer with a few onions.  They were fantastic – even the boys liked them.  We had some chocolate-dipped strawberries for dessert.


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