February 2012 Goals

I made a great meal of: I want to to use the upright chicken roaster that I found at the thrift store.  2/5 Update:  Don’t put the chicken on the roaster in the refrigerator.  I’m guessing it will break in a hot oven.  I transferred it to a roasting pan for supper tonight.

I baked: I’m still trying to perfect the sourdough bread in the bread machine

I preserved: boy, I’m baffled here

I stockpiled: I still need to replenish the water supply

I handmade/started to hand make:I want to make soap
2/5 Update:  I did it – Goats milk with olive and coconut oil.  It’s cut and drying.

I repurposed: I need to finish my new apron

I saved money by: No spend January was a bust, but we did save some money.  This month I think we’ll try to eat food out only one time each week – and even then, maybe with a coupon

I sowed seeds/planted seedlings/cuttings of: Still kind of cold for this now

I harvested: I still have turnips in the garden

I tried something new: I want to try to rethread my loom and make a bookmark

I read and was inspired by: I’m nopt sure, maybe something from the new ALA list

I finally tackled: I want to tackle my weight.  I want to keep track of my food everyday this month starting after the Super Bowl junk feast.

I really enjoyed: I want to really enjoy Valentine’s and make it special for the kids and my husband.


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