Checking in on My January Goals

January is winding down so I thought it was a good time to check in with my January goals.

I made a great meal of: I want to make a fantastic vegetarian dinner
maybe tomorrow

I baked: I’m going to try sour dough again
yeah  – 3 loaves of bread, a batch of pancakes and a pretty good starter

I preserved: not quite sure here
I made a few jars of orange marmalade

I stockpiled: I need to replenish the water supply
not yet, but I did find a great deal on facial tissue

I handmade/started to hand make: I want to crochet another wash cloth – maybe an even one this time.
not even close, maybe I’ll start one tonight

I repurposed: hmmmmm? I’ll keep checking in at the thrift store
I found a lovely crock to use for kitchen utensils

I saved money by: This month I want to try to live out of the freezer – except for fruit, veg and dairy
We barely made it a week, but we did spend less than usual

I sowed seeds/planted seedlings/cuttings of: Kind of cold for this now

I harvested: I have turnips in the garden
They’re still out there

I tried something new: I want to try to make soap
maybe next month – I finally got the sodium hydroxide (lye) 

I read and was inspired by: I want to finish Mindset by Carol Dweck
Not done yet – need to make time for reading 

I finally tackled: I want to tackle the leaky faucet in the kitchen sink
Tackled – – failed – – plumber called – – money gone – – sad face

I really enjoyed: I want to really enjoy my birthday
It was fantastic and I’m fifty 

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One Response to Checking in on My January Goals

  1. Deb says:

    Great to read about how you have been working towards your goals and to see how many you have been successful with. You are inspiring.

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