The Beginnings of the Yuletide

November 27  –  This is the weekend that we always begin our preparations for the winter holiday season.  I wish we could have a real evergreen, but we have issues with skin and respiratory allergies so we make due.  We have lots of decorations that we’re collected over the years and the cinnamon and applesauce ornaments make it smell lovely.

The rest of the house gets cozied up too with candles and trees, lights and ornaments. 

The feather tree has a collection of little mice and clock ornaments (hickory dickory dock – the mouse ran up the clock) along with some antique metal twists that I picked up at a barn sale.  It’s settled into an old crock and anchored with hazelnuts (filberts) that were raised at a friend’s farm.

Each of the windows holds an electric candle, this one is attached to an antique thread spool that I found in an antique store in town years ago. It helps give it a little more height. This years we’ve decided to cut back on the outdoor lighting. A few years ago, the house was strung with icicle lights and fifteen deer were scattered throughout the pastures. One by one, the lights failed on the deer, we tried to replace them, but time eventually got the best of us and we realized it was a battle we could not win. Soon after, the icicle lights started to also go out. We tried to be environmentally responsible and purchase led as replacements. They lasted less then one year, so we tried another brand the next year. We’re ending up wasting more resources then we’re saving so we decided to try something completely different.  I’ll post that when we finish……..

By the way, Percy is enjoying her first Yuletide with a fireplace and has found a comfy spot on the sofa back – Darwin’s old spot.


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