Planning the Feast

11/23:    Today we are getting the house ready of the Thanksgiving feast.  We have been battling the invasion of the ants for days.  They came in to attack the fermenting hard cider.  Today, my husband set out the bait and cleaned all of their trials.  Hopefully that will do it.

On the menu for tomorrow are:

  • roast turkey
  • bread stuffing with mushrooms and scallions
  • turkey gravy
  • Northwest turducken from New Seasons – thanks Kevin
  • mashed potatoes with roast garlic
  • sweet potatoes with orange juice and cardamom
  • steamed broccoli
  • fresh fruit salad
  • cranberry relish
  • rolls
  • pumpkin pie
  • apple pie
  • vanilla ice cream

Tonight I need to figure out the timing for everything…….

  • 7:30 am  –  the turducken will go up to my in-laws house for the 9 hour roast
  • 9:00 am – the sweet potatoes into the crock pot for 6-8 hours on low                 apple and pumpkin pies getting ready for the oven
  • 11:00 am –  stuffing into the other crock pot: 45 min on high / 4-8 hours on low
  • 1:30 pm  –  the turkey goes into the oven (17 lb unstuffed – 3 to 3.5 hr)
  • 4:00 pm  –  put the water on for the steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes
  • 4:30 pm  –  make gravy
  • 5:00 pm  –  dinner is served?

Tomorrow we need to…….

  • move coats from the hall closet
  • clean the guest bath
  • set the tables
  • move chairs around
  • set up music for table

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