Hornet Attack

This weekend was a little crazy.  Friday night we went to the local high school football game.  It was the homecoming celebration so both of our boys were marching in the bands.  Caleb is the drum major at the high school and Noah is playing baritone for the middle school.  The game was great and the halftime show with the marching band was fantastic.

Saturday we picked up a few things at the local beer store.  We intended to bottle the rhubarb wine and start a batch of hard cider.  We needed to pick apples from the orchard and press them for the juice.  We decided to mow the grass before harvesting the apples and pumpkins because it might be one of the last dry weekend we have until late spring.  All of the plans changed when I mowed over a hornets’ nest; they chased me and started stinging me.  I finally ended up in the house with my head in the sink and my husband was able to comb out the hornets that were stuck in my hair and stinging my head.  The last thing I wanted to do after that was go back out to the orchard, so the plans have changed.




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