July 26:

Another lovely day; a sunny morning, nasty clouds for a bit in the afternoon, and a lovely evening with just a few scattered clouds.

Joe and I drove out to Yamhill this morning to pick up some cheese supplies at Kookoolan Farms.  They have a nice little farm store with cheese supplies, starters, enzymes, eggs, meat and milk.  It was a beautiful drive.

This afternoon I made a batch of mixed berry jam with some berries that I pulled out yesterday during the freezer disaster.  Someone, probably me, left the door ajar and it was a big, snowy mess so with had to shove everything into coolers and the other freezers and defrost it.

Mixed Berry Jam

8 cups mixed berry (cook for 5 minutes and run through a food mill)
3 cups sugar
1 T lemon juice  (mix the sugar, lemon juice and berry juice together and boil to 220 degrees – process 5 minutes in a hot water bath for half-pints)

Noah and I also picked about 3 pounds of blueberries and a couple of pounds of raspberries.

July 24:

Today started beautifully; blue skies, no migraine, summer vacation week 5.  I decided to go down and wax my second wheel of cheddar.  All was well until the cheese wheel slipped from my hand and took a tumble into the wax pot, splashing wax all over the gas stove.  We rescued the cheese – man is it ugly – and put it into the “cave”, the kitchen took a bit more work.  I didn’t take photos because I didn’t want to se  it again….but 8 stove parts later (first I scraped then poured hot water over it) my stove is clean as a whistle.

I also got the recipe for the fabulous catsup from the cook at Cascade Burger this afternoon.  Well, it’s more of a vague set of possible instructions and ingredients with no amounts of cooking times, but I think he told me enough to give me a fighting chance.  I post it if I get it right, but not until the kitchen gets finished – – hopefully on Wednesday.


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