Gardens get Started

June 25:  Early summer is such a busy time in the garden here.  I decided to take a quick break after some morning work.  Noah helped me transplant a poor little apple tree.  It’s been struggling along for at least five years.  It seems every time it starts to look good, something comes along and eats almost all of it. He also helped me weed the raised beds in the backyard and pull out the spinach that had bolted.  We’ll use the leaves for dinner tonight.  I also mowed the flat part of the front yard (the hill is too much for me) and am trying the grass clipping as mulch in the some of raised beds.  I read that if I put it on in thin layers and give it time to dry that it works well.

Backyard Garden

I think I’m going to make some Jammers from the Grand Central Baking Book this afternoon.  I had Caleb pick a number between 20 and 193 (the pages with recipes) and the number he chose had Jammers.

– – No Jammers yet.  It was finally summer out so I just couldn’t come inside and bake.  It’s supposed to rain on Mon and Tues so I’ll bake then.  Meanwhile, Joe bought a half yard of cedar chips for one of my garden paths and a yard of mint compost.  He made four hills for me and I planted pie pumpkins, some squash that starts with a K that I saved seeds from New Seasons,  a green winter squash that appeared in our garden last year and some Delicata.

Squash Hills and Straw Bales

I was also able to pull the bird netting out of the tangle of overgrown grass and moss to finish cleaning up the blueberry patch.  The garden is starting to take shape.

We finished the day with a great barbecue on the Big Green Egg – chicken thighs in lemon juice and olive oil.

My new garden path

June 20:  I was finally able to get out an do some work in the upper garden this afternoon.  It had dried enough that I was able to weed the front raised bed and plant seven pepper plants that I had picked up at Rite-Aid (great prices, only 89 cents for a four inch pot).  While working in the garden I saw a sight I have not seen in years…..massive numbers of bees in my raspberries.  They were teaming with bees, flying from flower to flower.  Go bees!

We also harvested some spinach this morning for a pasta dinner – orzo, spinach and sausage.  It’s just starting to bolt so I’ll have to put in some more seed tomorrow.


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