The Sun Arrives: April 17-23

4/23:  We finally hit 70 degrees today – the warmest day of the year.  I was able to get out into the garden and do some work. I whacked the weeds around the raised bed and picked up the dead leaves around the peonies.  I cleaned up the back patio and repotted a rosemary into my favorite pot.

The strawberry bed was a mess, all of the plants were clustered on the outside edges and the center had died back.  I pulled out all of the dead runners and transplanted the plants, spreading them throughout the raised bed.

I weeded the other raised bed and planned to plant some carrots and spinach – until the leak.  Around noon, I went to dump the wheel barrow and noticed that the strawberries looked a little limp.  I went into the kitchen and turned on the outside water that we had turned off for winter .  I ran upstairs to turn off the faucet on the upper porch.  When I came back downstairs, there was water running out of the ceiling in the kitchen – Ahhhhhh – a broken pipe?  After a test, I figured out that the leak was not a broken pipe, but some type of leak from the deck on the second floor.  Hopefully those two canisters of silicon caulk that I squirted under the sliding door will take care of it, especially if it rains tomorrow.

Needless to say, the planting didn’t happen.  Maybe tomorrow………

4/24:  Happy Easter.  The rain’s back today, but the ceiling doesn’t seem to be leaking.  Maybe the caulking we did last night will hold.  I’m going to try to plant a few seeds today.  Maybe some bush beans or some spinach.

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