More April Showers: 4/10 – 4/16

4/16:  We finally got a little break in the rain this afternoon and I put in some red onion sets.  I heard they were good to plant along with lettuce and carrots (keep carrot flies away) so I planted them in among the lettuce starts and the carrot seedling that are just peeping out of the soil.  The sets were a fantastic deal from the Wilco Farm Store, they provided a set free with an email coupon.  I saved half for a friend and she is going to give me half of her white onion sets in trade.  That way we both get a better variety.

4/15:  Today was a furlough day for my school so my best friend, Stacy, and I decided to go have coffee at St. Honoré Boulangerie (she had coffee, I had cocoa). It was another rainy day in Oregon so there was no working outside.  I convinced Stacy to go to the grocery store with me and tortured her with couponing (no I did not purchase 63 bottles of mustard).  We were able to pick up some produce and other items at the first store with coupons that I had extras of (mixed salad, zucchini, lettuce, veggie links…).  At the second were grabbed some stuffing mix, mashed potatoes, orange juice along with free milk and eggs.

It was so much fun to go grocery shopping with here.  She was so excited about the deals and is so incredibly funny.  We got home and Stacy proudly arranged her groceries on the kitchen table to take a photo to send to her husband Doug.

I would highly recommend, when you are trapped indoors, to grab your best friend and spend the day shopping for great deals.  I had a lovely day.  Thanks Sissy!

4/10:  I found a great deal on vegetable starts this morning at Rite Aid.  Not much selection (broccoli, cauliflowers, garlic and lettuce) so I just picked up a tray of lettuce starts and a tray of broccoli starts.  The six-pack trays were $1.29 each.


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