Food Storage on a Budget – Week 6

4/23:  Week 6

Purchase:  Not a very exciting week at the grocery store this week.  I decided to pick up another three cans of cream of mushroom soup and three cans of cream of chicken soup. They are on sale at Albertson’s for $.69 and I had a coupon saving $.30 on three cans (these coupons are not fantastic, but every little bit helps).    I also found a catalina coupon on the ground in the parking lot for a free case of bottled water.  I went back in and added this to my storage.  The total for this week is…….$3.84

Chore: Nothing this week, work’s been crazy and Noah’s been sick.

Wish: ditto


The Sun Arrives: April 17-23

4/23:  We finally hit 70 degrees today – the warmest day of the year.  I was able to get out into the garden and do some work. I whacked the weeds around the raised bed and picked up the dead leaves around the peonies.  I cleaned up the back patio and repotted a rosemary into my favorite pot.

The strawberry bed was a mess, all of the plants were clustered on the outside edges and the center had died back.  I pulled out all of the dead runners and transplanted the plants, spreading them throughout the raised bed.

I weeded the other raised bed and planned to plant some carrots and spinach – until the leak.  Around noon, I went to dump the wheel barrow and noticed that the strawberries looked a little limp.  I went into the kitchen and turned on the outside water that we had turned off for winter .  I ran upstairs to turn off the faucet on the upper porch.  When I came back downstairs, there was water running out of the ceiling in the kitchen – Ahhhhhh – a broken pipe?  After a test, I figured out that the leak was not a broken pipe, but some type of leak from the deck on the second floor.  Hopefully those two canisters of silicon caulk that I squirted under the sliding door will take care of it, especially if it rains tomorrow.

Needless to say, the planting didn’t happen.  Maybe tomorrow………

4/24:  Happy Easter.  The rain’s back today, but the ceiling doesn’t seem to be leaking.  Maybe the caulking we did last night will hold.  I’m going to try to plant a few seeds today.  Maybe some bush beans or some spinach.

Food Storage on a Budget – Week 5

4/12:   Week 5

Purchase:  I just wasn’t feeling inspired by the grocery adds this week and decided to go “off list”.  The Sunday newspaper (4/10) smart source insert had a coupon for $3.oo off of Bic Hybrid razors which are also on sale at Rite Aid.  The coupon makes them $1.99 each.  In addition there is a $2+UP reward when you buy two which makes them $.99 each.  Perfect for the boys in the family. This made a total of $3.96.

Week Five total = $4.76

I added Idahoan dehydrated potatoes from Albertson’s.  When I added 5 extras to some other groceries I was purchasing, I was able to qualify for the $5.00 back when you buy 10 items.  This made the potatoes $.49 each.  I found a link at Coupon Connections NW to a coupon for an additional $1.00 off three packages which brought them down to only $.16 each.

Chore: This week I need to go through some odd little light kits that I bought a couple of  years back after the “big snow storm”.  I can’t really remember what’s in them.  It ends up that the boxes contain SnapLights emergency Glow Sticks.
The larger kit contains:

  • 2 x homework lights (2 hour)
  • 2 x room lights (4 hours)
  • 2 x night lights (8 hour)
  • 1 x evacuation light (4 hour)

Each of the smaller boxes contains 2 x home lights (4 hour)

The biggest problem that I see is that they do have a sticker that reads “best used by May 2011” so I guess I will pack them away with the evacuation supplies as a backup.  I’ll make sure that I have another source of light in case they don’t work.

Wish:  I still need to find a nice old tool kit or tackle box at the Goodwill store to turn into a medical kit.  I need to also locate a list of what to include.

More April Showers: 4/10 – 4/16

4/16:  We finally got a little break in the rain this afternoon and I put in some red onion sets.  I heard they were good to plant along with lettuce and carrots (keep carrot flies away) so I planted them in among the lettuce starts and the carrot seedling that are just peeping out of the soil.  The sets were a fantastic deal from the Wilco Farm Store, they provided a set free with an email coupon.  I saved half for a friend and she is going to give me half of her white onion sets in trade.  That way we both get a better variety.

4/15:  Today was a furlough day for my school so my best friend, Stacy, and I decided to go have coffee at St. Honoré Boulangerie (she had coffee, I had cocoa). It was another rainy day in Oregon so there was no working outside.  I convinced Stacy to go to the grocery store with me and tortured her with couponing (no I did not purchase 63 bottles of mustard).  We were able to pick up some produce and other items at the first store with coupons that I had extras of (mixed salad, zucchini, lettuce, veggie links…).  At the second were grabbed some stuffing mix, mashed potatoes, orange juice along with free milk and eggs.

It was so much fun to go grocery shopping with here.  She was so excited about the deals and is so incredibly funny.  We got home and Stacy proudly arranged her groceries on the kitchen table to take a photo to send to her husband Doug.

I would highly recommend, when you are trapped indoors, to grab your best friend and spend the day shopping for great deals.  I had a lovely day.  Thanks Sissy!

4/10:  I found a great deal on vegetable starts this morning at Rite Aid.  Not much selection (broccoli, cauliflowers, garlic and lettuce) so I just picked up a tray of lettuce starts and a tray of broccoli starts.  The six-pack trays were $1.29 each.

April Showers: 4/3-4/9

4/3:  I just made a quick trip into the backyard garden to check out the progress (or lack of progress).  The rhubarb is coming up as is the garlic.  No signs of asparagus yet, but the sage looks nice.  The grass is about 18 inches tall because we can’t get enough dry weather to mow yet.  In fact, it sounds like a swamp when you walk out there, and the ground is just saturated – yuck.

The sun is peeping out a little, maybe I’ll be able to get a few pea seeds in this afternoon…..

Food Storage on a Budget – Week 4

3/27:   Week 4

Purchase: I was able to get a great deal on dental products this morning for under my $5.00 limit.  Fred Meyer has Crest toothpaste and Oral B (cavity defense) toothbrushes on sale 4/$5.00.  I had $1.00/1 coupons for the toothpaste and $2.00/2 coupons for the toothbrushes making them $.25 each.  The unexpected part is that when I got to the store, the toothpaste comes with a bonus – a travel toothpaste, a mini floss and a set of coupons.  Altogether the 10 toothbrushes and 5 toothpaste sets came to $3.75.

I also picked up 4 Hall’s cough drops and 4 packages of hair bands free at Rite Aid.  I think hair bands would come in very handy in an emergency where I might not be able to shampoo as often as I would like. What should I do with that extra 1.25?

Chore: This week I need to inventory the lamp oil and wicks for the antique oil lamps that we use during power outages.  I’m not sure where to buy more wicks, but I think Fred Meyer might have some.  I wonder how many wicks I would go through in a week with no electricity?  I located all four of the antique lamps (two are pictured below).  Two have been electrified, but I kept the original hardware, so I can put them back together in case we need them.  I also  found 2 extra wicks and 2 bottles of lamp oil.  I’ll try to add a few wicks each month and a few more bottles of oil.  I need to find a safe way to store the oil so I don’t blow up the garage.

antique oil lamps

Wish:  I want to find a nice old tool kit or tackle box at the Goodwill store to turn into a medical kit.  I need to also locate a list of what to include. I found a great list on the site for things to include in a basic first aid kit.  If anyone has ideas for additional items I should include, I’d love to have suggestions.

Food Storage on a Budget – Week 3

3/27:   Week 3

Purchase: I took advantage of the Albertson’s sale on Libby’s canned vegetables this week (Saturday).  With the coupon they were $.48 each with a limit of 10.  I’ll just let the $.20 roll into the next week.

10 cans corn / beans = $4.80

Chore: I found a great deal on instant coffee this week at Walgreen’s (haven’t been there is months).  They had boxes of 7 instant coffee tubes $2.00/2.  The great part is that you also got a Register Reward (I call it Monopoly money) of $2.00 back, making them free. In addition, a coupon for $1.50/3 boxes printed out.  After several transactions, I  ended up paying $6.00 for 17 boxes of coffee and still have $8.00 in Monopoly money left to spend ( I also still have a $1.50 coupon and two of the boxes had $1.00 coupons). I decided to vacuum pack them for the emergency stores.

Vacuum sealed Coffee Packets