Food Storage on a Budget – Week 2

3/24:  Soup Week

Purchase: The plan today is to hit Albertson’s sale to buy some cream soups for storage.  They have a reasonable price on cream of mushroom and cream of chicken soup – 5 for $4.00 and I have an extra coupon for $0.40 off when I buy 3.  It’s not a great price, but it is within my $5.00 budget and is a start. Success!  Five cans of Cream of Chicken Soup for the Storage Pantry.

Soup and Seeds - total $4.89
Never forget the can opener in the emergency supplies....

Chore: I also want to locate an extra can opener.  I can stop by the Goodwill on the way home to look for one, but I think I’ll check the camping gear basket too, we may already have one. Found it – although I think something sturdier might be better.

Wish:  I may stop by Fred Meyer to make a list of seed that I would like to store and then find out how to store them long term.  I should have an extra $1.00 from my soup purchase and they are running a 40% off special on seeds right now.  I had enough left over from my soup purchase to buy a packet of Green Bean Seeds for $1.19.


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