Food Storage on a Budget – Week 1

3/23: The disaster in Japan has really made me think – about a lot of things. One of the questions I asked myself is about our families preparation for natural disasters, not necessarily of the magnitude of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami/volcano/nuclear outgassing disaster, but even for a period of extended electrical outage…. Anyway, what I decided is that I needed to do a better job with our emergency kit (better than the nothing I have now) so I decided that I would start a post thread on the blogs outlining what I am trying to do each week to help create a decent emergency food supply for our family. I’m going to try to stay within $5.00 each week although that may have to be altered.

I started the first week with water. This was hard as I HATE THE WHOLE IDEA OF BOTTLED WATER, however, I can see the necessity of it in the event of an emergency, so I stuffed down my morals and made my first purchase.

Purchase: Albertson’s – 10 x 6 packs of Arrow Spring Water @ $1.00 each ($10.00 – $6.00 in coupons) = $4.00

pasta sealed with the Food Saver

Chore: I packaged the 24 packages of pasta that I had purchased at QFC for $12.00 into glass canning jars using the vacuum sealer.  I hope this will help to protect it from weevils or other varmints.

Wish: I need to find more information on the little packets that you can put in the jars with dry goods that help to control the moisture – more information soon.


2 thoughts on “Food Storage on a Budget – Week 1

  1. Why not store bulk water in reusable containers? We bought several camping-type five-gallon jugs and keep those full. It’s easy to change the water every few months (or years…) to keep it fresh. Or, here’s an idea we haven’t used yet: save bottles from juice and soda and refill them with water?

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