The Beginning of the Garden: 3/19 -26

3/19 We finally got a semi-dry day so I was able to plant some broccoli starts that I picked up at Wilco – Green Comet.

Broccoli - planted March 19, 2011

The rhubarb is also beginning to push through the soil for spring. I hope it give us a good crop this year. Last year was its first year in the new bed. We transplanted it from the back garden where is wasn’t doing very well. I’m looking forward to some crisps and pies in a few weeks.

The first show of rhubarb

3/20:  No downpour again today so I decided to honor the first day of spring by doing a little gardening. I planted some spinach and carrot seeds and cleaned up the strawberry patch a little.

3/23:  Another dry (well not actively raining) day here in Beavercreek.  I finally got into the fruit yard to prune the raspberries. I trimmed out last summer’s branching canes, and cut back the new canes from last summer to the height of the top wire on the trellis.  I trimmed out the dead tops as well and now it’s pretty tidy.  Tomorrow I hope I’ll be able to weed quickly and top dress a little with some manure.

I cut the grapes well back in the winter to start training them properly.  They don’t have any buds yet, but I’ll keep an eye out.  The cherry tree is budding as is the queen anne cherry.  The cherry is huge, but the birds get every cherry every year – it’s too tall to cover so we have just learned to share.  As long as we get the blueberries, they can have the cherries.


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