Have a Very Happy Christmas

We’re all sick, but we’re also looking forward to the holiday.  We have a beautiful ham from Gartner’s Meat Market, what an amazing place, for tomorrow’s family dinner.  We’re throwing in Stacy’s potatoes, green beans and some lovely rolls from Delphina’s bakery for a great feast.  Hopefully Santa will bring me a new camera download cord so that I can upload some photos.

Right now we are tucked in by the fire.  Actually, Darwin’s staring at the fireplace waiting for Joe to get it going again.  Noah’s tucked in upstairs with his Mucinex, Robitussin and a box of tissues.  Caleb is reading for his Honor’s English book report – due 1/3. started two weeks late on 12/21. I’m lying on the couch with Mullein Garlic ear oil trying to unclog my right ear.  Joe is going up to his mom’s to try the “plague medicine” – vodka, onion, horseradish and garlic – to try to stay healthy.


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