A Day on the Road…

11/28:  As a wonderful end to November, Joe’s folks took us with them on a wine tasting day.  Joe’s uncle joined us as well.  We started out in Silverton at the Vitis Ridge Winery where they had a large range of wine styles to try.  The range from a dry Gewürztraminer to a lovely semi-sparkling Early Muscat 2009.  They also had a extensive range of reds to sample (I really wish I liked red wine).  I did like the Maréchal Foch – it was less harsh than I find most reds and I understand that it makes a very good Gluwein (war, spiced wine). They also had desert wines; 2 ports and a really lovely Grigio D’oro (a sweet, white sipping wine).  The same building also houses the 7 Brides Brewery so the boys were very excited that they could also sample some nice craft brews.

After leaving Silverton, we headed for Salem and the Pudding River Wine Cellars.  They have a nice selection of white and red wines which lean to the dry side.  Given that I prefer sweet wine, they were not really my cup of tea, but my father in law found their Reserve Pinot Noir to be very nice.  These folk were incredibly nice and had some lovely snacks for us including a sample of a pinot noir truffle from the Pudding River Chocolates.

Our last stop for the day was at the Red Hawk Winery and Vineyard in the South of Salem for some lunch and entertainment.  I was pretty well all done tasting wine by then (having had my requisite 1 glass) and only tried the Pinot Gris which was quite tasty. The appetizer buffet was very nice; cheeses, salmon spread, squash soup, and sausages with crackers and bread – it was a perfect lunch spot.  In addition to the lovely food and wine, Joni Harms was singing.  Joni is a country western singer from Molalla that my mother in law heard several years back.  She has a lovely voice and sang a great mix of country standards, her own piece and christmas carols – fantastic.


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