Christmas is Coming……

Black Friday is the traditional day to put up the Christmas tree in our house (what else could we do with names like Holly and Joseph).  Joe used to brave the sales but not this year – nothing too exciting stood out.  We do use an artificial tree because of respiratory and skin allergies (I get hives) so we can leave it up for the entire month.  We were able to purchase an LED tree last year and although it does not put out as much heat as the old tree, does not put out enough light to read by, and isn’t quite as large….it is very pretty when all of the decorations go on it and you can actually take a nap in the same room with it without turning it off.

I boiled the turkey bones this morning to make stock and made turkey and dumplings for dinner.  I just wish we had some leftover turkey for a sandwich.  Maybe I’ll roast another turkey next weekend.  I new traditional – turkey every weekend between thanksgiving and Christmas?


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