Big Dog Baths and Snow

November 20:  Wow, what a busy day…..  I started the day at Les Schwab Tires (with the rest of Clackamas County) for a winter changeover to my snowtires.  They said it would take about three hours, so Joe picked me up and we rushed over to Fred Meyer to see if they had restocked their butter which was on coupon 3 for $5.00.  Yeah, they had plenty – just in time for Thanksgiving. We went straight over the Canby to pick up the Chevy from the shop (Joe got rear-ended two weeks ago) and ran back home to put the canopy back on to the truck.  Back at home, I started some laundry and we got Mishka into the truck for his trip to the vet – he has developed a cough.  All went well at the vet, we got some antibiotics for the cough, and we were off to the doggie wash to wash Mishka with the medicated shampoo the vet gave us for his dandruff, stopping to pick up my car on the way.  Washing a one hundred pound ball of hair – not fun for any of us – but Mishka looked so pretty when we finished and he is so happy when he is pretty.

We finally made it home just after noon and Joe decided to take Bentley in for his bath while Noah and I spread out the hoses to drain and brought in some of the potted plants.  It is supposed to start getting cold and perhaps even snow on Monday.  Snow may not sound like a big deal in most of the country, but Oregonians cannot drive in snow – it is similar to people in Los Angeles in the rain.

I finished the afternoon making three lovely apple galette, baking some squash and generally cleaning up the house while keeping an eye on two damp doggies that love lying around drying by the fire.

I did find a great deal on one of the bogs I follow.  Safeway was offering free home delivery of a first order and an additional $15.00 off.  Just use the code CJSAVINGS when you check out.  Your order must be over $50.00.

November 22:  Wow, we left for Seattle this morning for the three hour drive to see Caleb perform in the Western International Band Clinic Concert – it took five hours.  The snow started right around the Clark County Fair Ground and just kept coming.  We were fine (thank you Les Schwab and Joe) but I-5 South was crazy; cars off the road, accidents, a semi that had hit the center divider and bounced itself to a stop facing the wrong direction.  I-5 North just kept plugging away, not always quickly, but steadily.  At one point the navigation system said we had 1 hour and 6 minutes left and 20 minutes later we had 1 hour and 15 minutes left.  Curious?
The concert was fantastic.  What a wonderful group of very talented high school musicians (Caleb played French Horn) and the greatest group of adult staff and directors I could imagine.  We braced for the ride home, finally got on the freeway (after two mis-directions from me) and suddenly I-5 South was fantastic and I-5 North had all of the problems.  It was still snowing and a little slow in a few places, but we were home by 7:30 and even made a quick stop in Centralia to buy new lids for my 2-cup pyrex bowls.

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