Countdown to School

9/5:  It’s a great day for working in the garden.  School is starting soon and I’m still waiting for a red tomato.  I did pull out the New Zealand Spinach today and feed it to the goats.  I thought the taste was terrible.  Not only did it not taste like spinach, it tasted like nasty weeds.  I replaced it with some beet and lettuce seeds.  I might as well resign my self to cool weather crops this year .  I also harvest 7.5 pounds of carrots and 1.5 pounds of beets that I planted in the spring and planted a few carrot seeds.  I moved the small beet plants around and will see if the start doing better now that the bigger ones are not crowding them.

Joe and Noah are up stacking the two cords of wood we got for the winter.  Joe put higher sides on the shed so it will not get so wet when the rain blows in.  Noah is doing a great job throwing the “rounds” in for his dad.

No photos now, my camera battery died.  We didn’t find out until Caleb and I thought about  taking some pictures of out homemade fettuccine with chicken Alfredo sauce last night.  We’ll have to make it again for a photo.

9/11:  It was a fantastic week.  School started again and everyone is enjoying seeing friends and great teachers and classes.  It’s rained during the week (yeah – no watering) but today, Saturday is lovely.  Clouds in the morning gave way to a cool, sunny day and I picked my first ripe tomato.

I was able to take an extra-large summer squash from the school garden (thanks Wildcats) and made 3 loaves of bread.  I was also able to brew a new batch of kombucha this morning and do a few chores.  I just picked the first spaghetti squash (maybe ripe?) and will throw it in the oven with the bread.

All of the cats are sitting in sun puddles and napping………..what a wonderful day.