Painting Fences and Making Syrups

8/21: Today I finished painting the last coat of paint on the front side of the pasture fence.  I still need to do primer and paint on the back side and the other 2 sides of the chicken yard.  It looks fantastic but I HATE PAINTING FENCES!.  We also went to a wine tasting and art exhibit at the Chehalem Winery.  We went on a tour and Harry was great about answering all of my questions about pruning grapes.  I was a lot of fun and they has some very good wines.

8/19:  FInish up the kiwi syrup today.  I’m also working on some wild blackberry and blueberry jelly.  Joe picked the blackberries the other day and I found the blueberries (a little dry) while cleaning out the freezer for defrosting.

I also harvested the garlic and it is drying in the garage. This was my first try at garlic and I learned that elephant garlic does not like my garden during a very wet spring – it rotted. I waited a little to long to harvest the hardneck garlic, as the scapes had straightened before I cut them off. We’ll try again next year and see if we can get a better harvest.


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