Work, work, work

7/27:  Wow – I thought I’d be so much better at this during the summer, but things are just so busy that I never think about it.  Not too much exciting in the garden, just watering and picking – lettuce, raspberries, maybe tomorrow a couple of beets.  I finished painting the living/dining/kitchen today – I thought I was finished, but I had forgotten that pesky beam.  It looks great and is brighter but still cozy.   We also put down a new series of coats of Gacodeck on the seconds floor deck.  We did put the primer coat on yesterday when it was too hot so we ended up with a couple of small bubbles, so tomorrow I need to peel them, re-prime and re-coat.  Joe is working on the blueberry cage in the main garden.

We got 5 more Cornish Cross chicks today .  They all seem to be doing well.


2 thoughts on “Work, work, work

  1. How are the blueberries doing? (So rowdy they need a cage?) We’ve got a meager harvest this year compared to last up here on Beeson Road — I’ve guessing it has to do with the spring weather.

    1. They’re terrible. Two of the plants look like they have some type of disease – we’ve had a horrible time with fungus this year on our fruit trees. The birds got many of the berries as we have not quite finished replacing our netting after it collapsed in the snows of 2009. Maybe better luck next year. The pumpkins and squash look great though and I just picked our first tomato.

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