Work, work, work

7/27:  Wow – I thought I’d be so much better at this during the summer, but things are just so busy that I never think about it.  Not too much exciting in the garden, just watering and picking – lettuce, raspberries, maybe tomorrow a couple of beets.  I finished painting the living/dining/kitchen today – I thought I was finished, but I had forgotten that pesky beam.  It looks great and is brighter but still cozy.   We also put down a new series of coats of Gacodeck on the seconds floor deck.  We did put the primer coat on yesterday when it was too hot so we ended up with a couple of small bubbles, so tomorrow I need to peel them, re-prime and re-coat.  Joe is working on the blueberry cage in the main garden.

We got 5 more Cornish Cross chicks today .  They all seem to be doing well.


Independence Day

7/5:  It’s supposed to be summer today.  Not “Oregon Summer 2010” where hot is 73 degrees, but real summer.  The forecast is 87 degrees with a cloudless sky.  I’m so excited.  This morning I went out and harvested the remainder of the spinach, it had bolted and I was able to get one last harvest before pulling them out to make room for something new.  I’ll blanch it this afternoon and freeze it for some winter sausage-spinach orzo.

7/8:  I put some more spinach seeds in this morning in the area that I cleaned out the bolted spinach.  I know it doesn’t love hot weather and it’s supposed to be 100 degrees today, but I thought I’d give it a try anyway.  We had to start watering yesterday, the side garden has a drip system partially installed that I need to finish – soon.  We also harvested the first of the broccoli for dinner last night – it was delicious.

I decided to go have a closer look a the main garden – what a mess after all of the bad weather and my laziness.  I weeded the raspberries and tied back the stragglers.  Then I added a drip line under them and started watering.  THat’s better.  I took out the pea pod plants that had gone to seed and added some goat manure to the bed.  I need to pick up some more pea seeds and replant.  I also added drip line to the straw bales.  The plants aren’t doing well, small and a little yellow – the cabbage seems to just be sitting there.  Maybe the extra water will help and I’ll fertilize with some liquid (maybe compost or worm tea).

Tonight we’re going to barbecue on of the giant chickens we had processed.  The processor told Joe his wife called them turkins.  Oops, maybe we should have gone in after 6 weeks.

7/10:  The chicken was amazing.  We butterflied it and roasted it slowly on the big green egg with a few cherry branches added for smoke.  Yummy.

Today in the garden I transplanted some chive plants that had gotten out of hand in a raised bed.  I could have sworn I planted onions up there – Walla Walla sweets.  I can not seem to grow onions, they always bunch and I end up with scallions or chive-like things and never a bulb.

Joe discovered a chicken nest up near the propane tank with 17 eggs.  Unfortunately, we’re going to have to throw them out since we don’t know how old they are.  We know they’re from the black banties and or the black and red hens because they’re the ones we can’t seem to keep in the chicken yard (even with clipped wings, they fly out).