The Rains Continue

6/9:  This morning the sun was out and it was so lovely to wake up to.  It almost felt like summer.  It started clouding up throughout the day and looks like it will start drizzling soon enough.  Well my carrot transplant experiment did not seem to go well.  I went out this evening and they were all limp and lying down.  I did a little emergency watering from the rain barrel hose (YES! Finally a hose – no more tiny watering can) and I’ll have to see if they make a come back.

6/7:  It’s raining again… We did get a little done in the garden in the afternoon during a break between storms.  I tried transplanting some carrots.  I don’t know if it will work, but I thought I’d give it a try.

Joe helped get holes into the straw bales.  He’s brilliant, he use a 14.5 lb monster maul and using a full overhead swing, he was able to hack just the right sized hole for my 4″ squash and cucumber starts.  I usually try not to use too many chemicals, be I did put Corey’s Slug Bait around all of them and some extra around the green bean starts most of which have had their little heads chewed off.

Then we attempted a barbecue with our Big Green Egg –  it was interesting.  I rained so hard, even the chickens wouldn’t come out of the hen house.

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