Rainy Spring Days

5/23:  This has been the coldest May in the Portland area since 1961. Rain, rain, rain, hail, thunder, and more rain.  There was even a funnel cloud sighted and we just don’t have funnel clouds in the Willamette Valley.  It’s just crazy.  The spinach and lettuce couldn’t be happier, but the basil and tomatoes are just hanging out waiting for some sun.

The chickens are on week four now and getting bigger every day.  The turkeys started trying to fly again so Joe put a piece of netting over their cage so they would not get out  – – again.  I, luckily, missed the turkey round-up in the garage last week.

Not much else to report since we are spending so much time inside watching the rain.  The dogs hate it too, they did not enjoy getting stuck out in the front pasture during yesterday’s downpour.

Joe went out this afternoon and got five bales of straw to try up in the main garden.  The grass is to hard too deal with up there and it’s too wet to till so we decided to try straw bale gardening with some cabbage, squash and cucumbers.  Today we’ll make sure the layout is good and sprinkle some bone meal on each.  The rain should soak them pretty well and in a couple of weeks we should be ready to plant them.

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